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The purity of the beverage equipment components and its evaluation method have?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-11
Beverage machinery component cleanliness is an index to reflect the elements of internal residual contaminants that can be expressed in the following way: ( 1) Component unit wet area ( Contact with the oil of the lining size) Contaminants, mg/m2; ( 2) Wet volume element unit ( Contact with the oil of the inner cavity volume) Contaminants, mg/L; ( 3) Component units in the wet volume greater than 5 & mu; M and 15 & mu; M the number of particles to ISO4406 said solid particle pollution level. Due to the oil pollution assessment generally used particle counting method, thus component cleanliness is also widely used unit wet bulk grain number representation. To assess the cleanliness of hydraulic components can use the following methods: ( 1) Rinsed in shaking method injection in the element within a certain amount of clean test fluid and seal components, strong shaking components in mechanical way, bring all components within the pollutants into the fluid of the test, then the test liquid pollution measurement ( 2) Test-bed irrigation will element purification in advance access to the test bench system, circulation through the components, the test liquid, will all components within the pollutants into the fluid of the test, and then from the system to collect the samples to determine pollution. ( 3) Will remove the irrigation components outside after thorough cleaning, remove all of my components, use detergent to wash carefully parts wet area, and then collect all solvents and measure its pollution. Rinsed in shaking method is a simple element cleanliness testing method, mainly is suitable for the static elements, such as tube, pipe, hose, filter shell and fuel tank, etc. ; Test bed flushing method is mainly used for testing the purity of the dynamic components, such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic valves, etc. In addition, if the component cleanness of cleaning process and element test after assembly, can effectively control the purity of the element, and simplify the testing process. When components after cleaning degree and meet the requirements, can be thought of component and system as a whole and have the same level of pollution. In this way, the measured system of oil pollution is the cleanliness of components, without the need for conversion to volume. The purity of the typical hydraulic components level are shown in table 1 ( The original machinery industry & other; Cleanness of hydraulic components and systems management specification & throughout; To develop group to formulate, 1985) 。
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