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The prominent characteristics of disc type blunt bottle machine

by:Xinmao     2021-04-22
Disc type tuming machine suitable for glass or plastic bottles, through the clear water flushing, effectively remove residue or mixture of bottle filling machine, so that the bottle to suit the requirements of clean sanitation. The machine is combined with salt bottle structure principle both at home and abroad, according to the current user actual requirements and the latest facilities within an outer tube type impact and bottle machine. Disc type bottle machine outstanding characteristic is: ( 1) Application of various models of old and new material bottle washing; ( 2) Outer wall spray bottle, wall wash bottles of health clean; ( 3) Take water or booster pump pressure washing, suitable for all kinds of bottle filling machine filling of use; ( 4) Simple structure, convenient maintenance, USES the stainless steel water storage barrel, elegant appearance, corrosion resistance; ( 5) Provincial labor, high efficiency, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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