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The position of cip cleaning system in the beverage machinery!

by:Xinmao     2021-03-18
Firstly, define the cip is clean in place ( Wash positioning) Or the in - 清洁( Positioning washing) The abbreviation of name. Its main meaning is: don't disassemble or mobile device that can be washed with high temperature and high concentration of liquid, the powerful role of device, and the food contact surfaces to wash. Therefore, CIP machinery and piping is not completely apart, can be scrubbed, cleaning and sterilization. In the process of cleaning and can properly deal with washing, cleaning, sterilization and economy, energy saving, such as cleaning management technology is a kind of optimization. CIP device is suitable for direct contact with the fluid material pipeline sterilization mechanism, such as fruit juice beverage, dairy, juice concentrate, soy milk, etc. Using the in situ cleaning ( The CIP cleaning) Is now in general use beverage factory method, is the assurance of product quality. Is clear the purpose of cleaning equipment and residue on the pipe wall, ensure health indicators. In general, continuous use 6 ∽ 8 h must conduct a cleaning. Under special circumstances, when found production capacity significantly reduced, should be cleaned immediately. Is the purpose of cleaning dirt to remove the adhesive on the mechanical, in order to prevent the microorganisms in it grow. To remove the dirt, it is necessary to make cleaning system can overcome pollutants required supply ability to clean. Ability to clean the sources of the three aspects, that is, from cleaning fluid can flow of movement, from chemical energy, detergent, cleaning fluid in the heat. These three ability with complementary function. At the same time, the capacity factor and time factor. Under the same condition, washing the longer the better washing effect. Of beverage machinery, what are the advantages of the cip cleaning system? 1, can be large-scale production equipment, high automatic level; 2, increase production equipment service life; 3, can maintain clean effect, in order to improve the safety of the products; 4, health level stability, save the amount of detergent; 5, save operation time and improve efficiency, save labor and guarantee the operation safety, saving water and steam cleaning.
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