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The new trend of the electromechanical integration leading filling machine is expected to open up new markets

by:Xinmao     2021-02-10
At present, in the measuring, filling machinery manufacturing, technology, function, etc have a good achievement, has a high speed, complete, high degree of automation, good reliability, etc. And will set machine, electricity, gas, light, and the electromagnetic in the integration of machinery and electronics equipment is used for filling machinery, when the design focus on improve the automation of filling machine, filling machine research and development and combining with computer, it can realize mechatronics control. The application of mechatronics in filling machine industry, can fundamentally change the status quo of filling machine. The 16th and 17th century scientific revolution is to use system method was carried out on the working principle of the system and equipment described as filling machinery also benefit. In the 18th century the first industrial revolution steam machine replaces human labor. In the 19th century the second industrial revolution, marked by the emergence of energy and mass production, multiple branch of engineering design to promote the progress of the technology. Around 1970, the Japan appeared electromechanical integration this noun, used to describe the mechanical and electronic collection in consumer goods. Mechatronics is the purpose of reach a balance between science specialization and depth and collection of the two, the system engineering and problem solving method is a breakthrough. For most in need of help people to find out the way in the world and help them solve the difficulties. For filling machinery enterprises, it is the first mission! Mechanical and electrical integration, on the servo labeling machine, horizontal labeling machine to make automatic packaging machine equipment of a surge in demand, the next few years all kinds of food filling machinery demand rapid growth. Such as vacuum liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine, small chili sauce filling machine, automatic in-line filling equipment popular markets such as liquid filling production line. Fundamentally to realize the demand for the development of mechatronics and automation equipment, is the goal of the filling machine industry constantly, relevant enterprises to further develop and create, ultimately promote the industry effectively, rapid growth. This needs the power of science and technology, industry needs to constantly perfect and self-perfection, to improve the development of the technology. Now filling machinery industry development is not perfect in our country, under the influence of foreign advanced technology, filling machinery industry in China has been looking for their own development model. In order to better develop themselves, filling machinery industry in our country must constantly innovation, improve the mechanical and electrical integration, so as to improve themselves. Small make up believe that the future enterprise to develop fast, low energy consumption, low filling machine direction of capital development, and already have filling equipment production company product updates in the future or to increase the proportion of packaging machinery production line will rise, especially the demand of the daily chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry is the strongest.
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