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The main characteristic of pure water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-05-23
The main characteristic of pure water production line is as follows: 1, pure water production line USES is import reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate is high and long service life, not just and low operation cost. 2, pure water production line also have on-line water quality monitoring control, real-time monitoring of water quality change, ensure the security of water quality, can get rid of chlorinated organic compounds and other poisonous and harmful substances; Microbial indicators to zero, but also can extend the shelf life of mineral water; 3, using automatic pretreatment system, realizes the unmanned operation; Automatic electric control procedure, also optional touch screen operation, easy to use; 4, suit the local water personalized design, # # to meet demand. While remove poisonous and harmful substances, retain essential trace elements in water and inorganic salts. 5, adopt special pump booster pump, # # rate, low noise, stable # #; 6, have a good look and feel the taste is better than general.
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