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The lack of the leading enterprises in the food machinery industry concentration is not high

by:Xinmao     2021-03-27
With the development of food industry, food and beverage machinery industry to flourish, food machinery enterprises have sprung up. Concerned expert thinks, however, the food machinery industry concentration degree is not high, the lack of industry leading enterprises, is the largest domestic food machinery industry. Food machinery industry has developed rapidly, the main is influenced by two factors, on the one hand, it's new restaurants, restaurants, emerge in endlessly, lead to the rapid development of the food machinery industry; On the other hand is to speed up the pace of people's life, eating out more and more become a kind of consumption habits, also indirectly lead to the development of the food machinery industry. A food machinery vendors said, in addition to increased food companies around the country, the city catering places have stable demand, county, township and rural demand for food machinery is small 3: & other; With the improvement of living standards, many rural is becoming more and more pay attention to the quality of life, especially the pasta machine, grinding machine is the market in the countryside. ” Food machinery industry concentration is not high leading enterprises lack, however, in the food machinery industry, when it comes to certain types of products, but can't think of big well-known enterprises. And the like zhangjiagang beverage machinery industry cluster of few and far between. Jiangsu plastics (2008 Drinks) Machinery export base in zhangjiagang city. Zhangjiagang city plastic ( Drinks) Machinery industry originated in the 1970 s, is a rapid developing industry started relatively early, zhangjiagang city, one of the citys existing plastic ( Drinks) More than 300 production enterprises, the annual output of more than 10000 sets, about 1/10 of the national market, annual sales of more than 70 one hundred million yuan, is the country's main production base. It is understood that in nearly 7000 food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country, more than 95% for the small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises, and the difference between eastern and western regional distribution, most of the manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in the economically developed areas, such as the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, bohai sea region. Small and much, much and is not big, big but not strong as indisputable fact that food and packaging machinery industry, manufacturing level there is a big gap compared with developed countries. With data analysis, nearly 7000 companies about 2000 is not stable, every year, nearly 15% of the enterprise production or closure, and also about the same amount of new enterprises to enter the industry; Lack of leading enterprises, with annual sales of more than one hundred million yuan only a dozen, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan of about 50 enterprises. Look from the scientific research and product development, but also the basic stay in test imitation stage, self-developed ability is not strong, the scientific research investment, less funds accounted for 1% of sales, while developed countries by up to 8% ~ 10%. Attention and the independent innovation ability is not strong enough, rely on advanced technology abroad, high-end equipment imports the passive situation of failed to be effectively improved. Malignant price competition, product and copy the same phenomenon is still common, there are ideas are still very serious; Based development relative lag, basic components, automation, intelligent control system based manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, machining and obvious development lags behind that of the host, and has become the bottleneck that affects the upgrading of food packaging machinery products to the high-end. In developing high-end products, therefore, at the same time, vigorously foster industry leading enterprises, the construction of industry cluster, is imperative. China small plait think food machinery equipment, food machinery has hundreds of varieties, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is harder to cover all varieties. Should choose their own familiar with the industry, and according to the matching condition, will be one kind of product as the main direction, strive to do the food machinery industry leader.
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