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The key points of bottled water production line operation

by:Xinmao     2021-05-02
Bottled water production line according to their function can be divided into washing, filling and capping three steps, and its working process is as follows: ( 1) Sending empty barrel barrel mouth bar into the buckets, bucket chain movement clearance a location, at this point, the empty barrel for inverted cylindrical barrel mouth barrels to wash. ( 2) Flushing process has three steps: the first is water, the second for a detergent, the third for sterile water ( Mineral water) After the wash, rinse, a time to drop 10 s. ( 3) After rinse JingTong with chain downward turn 45 degrees, plastic sliding out on their own, and then from top bucket cylinder'll flip bucket up 45 degrees, make the bucket in a waiting for filling. ( 4) Filling valve driven by cylinder into the barrel mouth, filling automatic exhaust valve by open filling, filling time is set by PLC, and can be used according to the liquid level height panel multi-function button modification filling time, in order to achieve high quality. After filling to liquid level, excess water back to the pure water tank by the automatic vent, to reduce the waste water. ( 5) After filling, by filling a bucket cylinder will have barrels to gland location, for next step filling capping, at this point the entire production process is over. Three main steps: (bottled water production line 1) Before starting, check the disinfectant liquid level, the power, air pressure is normal, check whether the electromagnetic valve, cylinder with manual method is good, the movement is normal, the water pump to correct, presence of exhaust air. If found abnormal situation, to troubleshoot the rear can carry on production. ( 2) The machine production automatic blunt, disinfection, filling and cover, gland, without human disturbance, but each part of the operations staff to closely observe dynamic, found that the problem will be promptly manual automatic to manual, in order to prevent accidents, when chain position is wrong, the shaft with manually, then push the chain to normal location. Work should be timely supplement disinfectant to prevent water pump in the anhydrous state idling, burn out seal. ( 3) After the production, should put off residual liquid pipeline, road and water cut off gas, shut off the power 5 gallon bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, automatic filling machine set to form a unit. In order to achieve the purpose of cleaning and disinfection, cleaning and disinfection spray bottle washer adopts multiple injection liquid, and washing solution can be recycled. Automatic sealing machine can seal bottle caps. The filling line is equipped with hydraulic equipment disinfection bottle cap, to ensure that these caps are sterile and health. This line also can automatically washing bottle, sterilization, filling, limit, counting and products discharging. It has the characteristics of complete function, a novel design, high degree of automation. It is a new kind of barreled water automatically generating line, integrating mechanism, electric and pneumatic technology together. Bottled water production line process operating points: 1, the raw water first need through the activated carbon filter, filter raw water will travel through the microporous filter. Activated carbon filter is mainly used for organic contaminants in water and the water molecules form colloidal particles of impurities, and remove the vision in the clear water color, odor, etc. Microporous filter as the fine filter and aseptic process equipment, it can filter out the filtrate, gas of 0. 01μ M or more particles and bacteria. Bottled water production line is characterized by high capture ability, large filtration area, long service life, high filtration precision, small resistance, mechanical strength, no stripping phenomenon, strong acid and alkali resistance, easy to use. 2, prepare pot deployment of bottled water production line prepare pot cylinder block, cylinder head, impeller, feeding port, discharging valve adopt stainless steel material of SUS304 or 316, according to GB741 - 80 technical conditions, the inner surface mirror polishing to Ra≤ 0. 28μ M, outer surface inferior smooth inferior smooth, mirror, sandblasting, or cold rolling primary, cylinder with impeller, the mixing effect. Nozzle is equipped with level gauge ( Static pressure type, capacitance type, non-contact type, ultrasonic type, glass tube) , air breathing, thermometer ( Digital display type or dial) , CIP cleaning mouth, sight glasses, explosion-proof lamp ( Endoscopic view lamp integration) , SIP sterilizing mouth, liquid in and out of the mouth and sanitary manhole, etc. 3, ozone sterilization of ozone sterilizer is to use so-called strong oxidizing and reach the purpose of sterilization. Ozone is a strong anti-oxidant, its bactericidal action is higher than chlorine 15 ∽ 30 times, under a certain concentration of 5 ∽ 10 min, ozone for a variety of fungi can reach the level of sterilization. 4, filling aseptic filling machine widely used in fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam for liquid food aseptic packaging. Can be stored at room temperature, the product more than one year. Low temperature refrigerating transportation costs and risks. Aseptic filling machine attached directly to the sterilizer, direct filling after sterilization.
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