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The invention of the drinks to promote the progress of the beverage machinery

by:Xinmao     2020-11-26
The earliest beverage production is made wine grains. Has a high level of Chinese ancient brewing technology. In 350 BC in China zhou dictionaries ', 'tea and tea culture have been established a record. Cocoa native to South America in the tropics. 3000 years ago have been cultivated cacao trees. The indians made chocolate drink cocoa. Christopher Columbus brought cocoa beans to Europe in 1502, the early 18th century cocoa started to popular in Europe. In 1869 Britain began in the industrial production of grape juice, application principle of pasteurized preserved fruit juice for the first time. Fruit and vegetable juice production gradually formed after the industrial scale. Soda production originated in Europe. In 1772 the English instruction of soda production of books have been published, mainly soda has been preliminary scale about produce of carbonated drinks. Again after a variety of cola beverages, to the 1980 s has been popular in the world. The middle of the 19th century, L. Pasteur developed kill harmful microbes in milk processing methods ( Pasteurized) Processing of the milk industry, from now on. The company production of beverage machinery, etc
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