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The introduction of carbonated beverage filling production machinery and equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-01-17
This series of carbonated beverage filling machinery equipment combined washing, filling, sealing, has the universal compatibility. In a few mechanical parts to do a simple replacement and debugging, all kinds of filling method and material type can be perfect. Filling machine has strong expansibility, in the traditional washing, filling, sealing can be easily implemented on the basis of the bottle cap for cover disinfection, the system automatically run, and other functions. New beverage filling machine for beverage production and processing enterprises to bring greater economic benefits. 1. Carbonated beverage filling machinery using advanced micro gravity type negative pressure filling way, filling speed, strong stability, accurate; 2. Equipped with perfect material flow system, can achieve the effect of reflux independent back to gas, not contact with the material, avoid the secondary pollution of materials and oxidation; 3. Mechanical filling valve and filling materials in and out of the line without health dead Angle, at the same time with automatic CIP cleaning interface, block with the bottle before RO water flushing device, to ensure that the bottle without mildew problem; 4. Carbonated beverage filling machinery use magnetic torque type screw LIDS, can realize cover, screw cover action. Screw torque can be adjusted, with constant torque rotary sealing plastic performance; 5. Equipment USES the PLC computer program control, human-machine interface touch screen control and inverter control, science and technology; 6. Filling machinery production range can be choose by the customer. In accordance with the needs of the customers at the same time, the configuration support filling temperature automatic detection, automatic stop at low temperature and reflux for cap system, automatic control, material of high temperature alarm, lack of bottle waiting, no bottle no stamp, properties, such as lack of cover down.
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