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The importance of vacuum packaging machine in food industry

by:Xinmao     2021-05-25
Our life now advocate of food safety, hygiene and health. And is the key point of food packaging is to extend the shelf life of food, anti-corrosion. So powerful packaging is very important. Food rot was caused by the growth of microorganisms, because the oxygen in the air caused by the oxidation, the food inside the water vapour and carbon dioxide generated by oxidase and peroxidase can also cause food spoilage, so using vacuum packaging is a very wise choice, he can take food packaging and food within the air, under the vacuum state, isolate air inhibit microbial growth and reproduction. In addition, there are a lot of food is not only using vacuum packaging, also using vacuum packaging, such as crisp fragile food, the food of easy deformation go oil food, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate, angular, or high hardness will puncture bags of food vacuum packaging is in after vacuum into nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other single or 2 - Three kinds of mixed gas, including nitrogen is inert gas protection role can give packing, carbon dioxide can dissolve in water or all kinds of fat to form carbonic acid, and corruption have inhibitory bacteria to grow, and oxygen can inhibit anaerobic bacteria, prevent the oxidation of food, maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, high degree of oxygen can keep bright red meat, so the vacuum packing also has the compressive strength, the air resistance, the effect of preservation, can effectively keep food color, aroma, taste, and nutrition. Vacuum packaging machine can reassure we eat healthy food, this also means that we must research and development of practical, delicate, harder advanced vacuum packaging machine.
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