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The hot weather make each drink beverage machinery enterprise mass production

by:Xinmao     2021-04-19
Summer, the weather is getting hot, the weather is more than 30 ℃. 2012 national related departments are printed and distributed to the measures for the administration of the summer cooling purposes, mentioned in specification & other; Throughout the heat &; Above, refer to the highest temperature 35 ℃. Among them, the continuation of the usual time for operation under high temperature and weather, regulation, daily highest temperature is greater than or equal to 40 ℃, should stop on the day of outdoor open-air homework; 37 ℃, the highest temperature is greater than or equal to less than 40 ℃, at 12 to 15 shall not be arranged outdoor open-air homework; The highest temperature is greater than or equal to 35 ℃ less than 37 ℃, unit of choose and employ persons ought to shift were rested and other ways. Unit of choose and employ persons should be cool and refreshing drinks for all hot work and the heat drugs, cool and refreshing drinks volumes shall be not less than 2 per person a day. 5 liters. In addition, the post of outdoor driving mechanical vehicle, driving indoor temperature should no higher than 28 ℃. Due to the hot weather, most of the drinks on the market also to a large number of sales, a lot of shops even in short supply, it also promoted many beverage manufacturers and beverage machinery enterprise batch production, greatly promoted the development.
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