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The future market competition for beverage industry

by:Xinmao     2021-02-12
Beverage machinery processing points before processing machinery, processing machinery, packaging machinery, packing, palletizing, and so on, mainly include: cleaning machinery, classification ( Screening) Machinery, grinding machinery, beater, juicer, separation, homogeneous machinery, filtration, concentration machinery, heat, water treatment equipment, soda, mixing machine, titian, sterilization machine, filling equipment, packing, palletizing equipment and cold drinks such as complete sets of equipment. Domestic enterprises independent brand construction will drive positive energy, with independent innovation as the power quality promotion and high-end product research and development, is bound to win the market more of consumer recognition, the share of high value-added market cake. The future market competition will no longer be the competition of domestic company, foreign beverage machinery giant poured into the Chinese market, foreign acquisition of Chinese enterprises to accelerate action.
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