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The formal process of waterworks

by:Xinmao     2021-04-15
The process flow, 1) The first level pretreatment system: using quartz sand filter medium, main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloid substances contained in the raw water, suspended solids and other particles in 20 & mu; M or more to the human body harmful substances, 2) Secondary pretreatment system: adopting nut shell activated carbon filter, the purpose is to remove the pigment in the water, odor, biochemical organic matter, reduce the residual ammonia water and the pesticide pollution and other harmful substances pollution. ( 3) Third level pretreatment system: USES the high quality resin to soften water, mainly is to reduce the hardness of water, remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, Scale) And can intelligently resin regeneration. ( 4) The fourth pretreatment system: adopting two stage 5 & mu; M diameter precision filter ( 0. 25 tons the following for the single stage) Make a further purification of water, to optimize the water turbidity and chromaticity, guarantee the safety of water RO system requirements. ( 5) Pure water equipment host: RO reverse osmosis technology in pure water filtration, removal of calcium, magnesium, lead, mercury harmful heavy metal material and other impurities, reduce the hardness of water, desalination rate is 98% 99%, production reached the national standard of pure water. ( 6) Sterilization system: the uv sterilizer or ozone generator ( According to different types of) Improve the shelf life. In order to improve the effect, should make the ozone, and water to mix adequately to adjust to and concentration than the best. ( 7) A flush: using 304 stainless steel automatic tuming machine inside and outside wall of the bottle washing, washing water is adjustable. ( 8) Flush (secondary Water to pure water) : can use 304 stainless steel automatic tuming machine inside and outside wall of the bottle washing, washing water is adjustable. ( 9) Filling machine: adopt automatic normal pressure filling machine for filling, can adapt the bottle of lighter weight, lower the cost of the user, and the filling quantity of accurate, easy to operate. ( 10) Code: use automatic code printer automatically production date printed on the bottle caps, save manpower, accurate health. ( 11) Screw cap: equipped with magnetic rotation head screw cap machine is adopted to improve the screw cap. ( 12) Self-adhesive label: the automatic labeling machine labeling or manually paste the label. ( 13) Packaging boxes. Xinmao machinery of pure water production line adopts advanced foreign technology, combining with the characteristics of our country and developed on its own. It USES a lot of new technology, new process and new structure. It has excellent quality. Filling machine can be holding the bottle neck between the bottle shape fixed plate and the plate is, the bottle by the star wheel drive clamps hold the bottle upside down, so as to realize washing, filling, sealing the three process. In addition, mineral water equipment all parts adopt imported stainless steel in contact with the liquid or food engineering plastic, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Most of the imported parts to the electrical system. This machine has the standard of food hygiene, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, automatic control and perfect after-sales service, is very popular in the domestic and foreign customers. It is an ideal equipment of all kinds of beverage production enterprise. Xinmao machine has high quality technical development team and rich experience in beverage machinery manufacturing. We can provide you with complete ideal solution. If you want to learn more about us, you can feel free to contact us.
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