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The food industry needs to promote sound and rapid filling machinery development

by:Xinmao     2021-03-27
Today, filling machinery, much attention has been paid to the most in the packaging market, especially the rapid development of the food and beverage industry, the increasing demand. Kinds of groceries is increasing as rich, food processing on the quality of filling machine, production efficiency, and so on various aspects of performance requirements are constantly improve. Future filling equipment will also be entering automation, technical content, reliability will be rising. Filling machine is a small class of packaging machine products, from the Angle to the packing of the material can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; From the production automation degree is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line. Nowadays is a period of rapid development of science and technology, filling machine production not only should conform to the need of modern automated production to a great extent, but also effectively improve the quality of products, to meet the market demand and customer different production. Automatic filling machine popularization, today's filling machinery, especially soft drinks, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, with a high speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability is good wait for a characteristic, is the current development trend towards filling machinery industry. As the liquid filling machine technology more mature, it will be more domestic large and medium-sized beverage enterprises to provide advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment, more direct cost benefit. To realize automatic control of filling system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the filling process and printing label error caused by the effective reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. Trends in industrial automatic filling machine will cooperate with rapid development, its market potential is tremendous, it gives filling machinery enterprise huge development opportunities, the filling machinery enterprises should actively research and development, for the bottling industry development. Increased with the filling machine use, filling machine technology obtained great progress, and the variety and function also have more choices. Can be classified according to produce packaging market choose powder filling machine, granule filling machine, filling machine, vacuum machine, filling machine, filling machine equipment lit film. With the continuous popularization of the automation, great changes have taken place in filling machine equipment. Compared with the previous filling machine equipment, its operation more simple, realize the filling machine is a key to the real operation, not only improve the efficiency of the enterprise production, also for the enterprise to reduce labor costs. Five new future packaging machinery development, high speed and precision are the two major characteristics of filling machine. With the development of economy, packaging machinery may appear the following five new technology and new development. 1, the delivery time shorter. After the recovery, packing workers to manage production line, project and orders will be increased, they asked for filling machinery suppliers can in the shortest time delivery of a complete production line. Budget needs to be considered, but the industry growing demand, food and beverage industry, in particular, determine their needs in a tense period get a highly integrated solution, to deal with the current intense market competition. 2, flexibility and adaptability. Packaging machine has long sought to increase flexibility, because there is a higher flexibility, on behalf of the container to accommodate hat it can choose more different, stick a, gloves and other products. Function of packing staff hope to adapt to different size/shape of the container as a standard feature, do not need to add attachments or other customized solutions. 3, rapid transformation. In recent years, the unit of inventory value and retailers try to avoid inventory command prompt people require packaging machine have faster switching speed. The market demand to promote scientific and technological progress. When cleaning should remove the piston and cylinder and reset the valve, now, like pistons, cylinders and valves such components by hot water or steam through the oil plug can be clean. For a list of type filling machine, there is a trend, is to support reduce ordinary changes, even sometimes, in order to change a column type filling machine size, you won't have to change a directly. 4, comply with the food safety modernization act. For filling machine, act on the dust removal requirement of any of the set in the regulation is a big deal. Because when the design must be inherent in the piston, pump and check valve, so filling machine have a tendency to compound & throughout; Fluid channel & other; The trend. Cleanability goal is to be in the absence of necessary tools, can quickly remove the hose and so on, and there is no hiding fluid pathway.
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