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The first step of mineral water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-19
With the improvement of residents in our country on drinking water quality requirements, the consumption of mineral water will open a new market. For mineral water is accord with people pursuit pure, healthy drinking water, all kinds of bottled mineral water also will enter the market, whether in a supermarket or grocery store, you can see the figure of bottled water, it has been a popular goods to our side. Common bottled water has two kinds: one is the VAT of bottled water, more commonly used in shopping malls, homes, offices, with a water fountain. Second, the namesake fizzy water, most of the 500 ml is give priority to, used in supermarkets and other retail outlets, more facilitate consumers immediate consumption. Look at the environmental pollution intensifies, of residents in our country and other Health & throughout; Showed a growing emphasis on articles for daily use, including drinking water is one of the essential element in people's life, health, high quality, water quality has become the main pursuit of consumers; In the future of natural mineral water, drinking water will be the industry's leading products, a second question is how the mineral water are produced? Mineral water production equipment is how work? Whether health? Difficulty of mineral water production process in the impurity removal of the object, while keeping the minerals beneficial to human body, so it has high requirements to the mineral water production line, often need to by nine layers of filter can really ensure that debris filters, including chlorine, bacteria and fungi in the water, and water plant some decontamination of raw material, for some special groundwater, also tend to remain some pigment, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration device must also have the ability to remove it, because the mineral water production line or intermittent production every day, so it's too that is the importance of routine maintenance. Mineral water production line in the boot before and after shutdown, the manufacturer must be in accordance with the strict working procedures, to ultraviolet disinfection of water treatment equipment, each batch production of mineral water at the same time, to get the lab for testing, if detection of suspended solids, or found other sources of pollution in the water, the water must be total line; The mineral water production line is not only used in the production of mineral water, some medical manufacturer or hospital, also needs the same level of mineral water production line, production of ultrapure water, etc. , mineral water production line application has a broad market space.
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