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The first chinese-made blow filled spinning production line into Laos

by:Xinmao     2021-05-23
Laos, and China's yunnan border, surrounded by Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, myanmar, seems to always be submerged under the splendor of neighbouring & ndash; — No carefree island in Thailand, Angkor Wat, majestic, the mystery of myanmar, and Vietnam was encased in a literary piece of color. But Laos has its own pace, with the development of economic globalization, the Lao will ride pan-asia railway express, to become southeast Asia the core node of the corridor. The development situation, to Laos, including drinking water market, many aspects of development. Laos's drinking WATER market has long been established BEER LAO, and backpacks WATER LAO is in Laos size shop can see, in addition to BEER LAO outside one of the few brands of drinking WATER. Drinking WATER in order to open the local market and backpacks WATER LAO decided to take the initiative to attack. Tech-long know their needs, immediately get in touch with the customer. Backpacks WATER LAO founder is an engineer, leaving the United States more than 20 years engaged in machinery industry, the machinery is very proficient in, this also means that the requirements will be very tough, so tech-long and backpacks WATER LAO cooperation also experienced a series of challenges. During the cooperation, the two sides held many technological details communication, and existing customers for tech-long factory customer equipment usage also was investigated. Eventually tech-long with professional technology, excellent production and processing power, the industry a good reputation, won the trust of the customers, the two sides signed a 20000 BPH blow irrigation spinning production line. Tech-long and backpacks WATER LAO cooperation of 20000 BPH blow irrigation spinning production line is of great significance, not only is the example of Laos market project, is also the first blow filled rotary equipment from China into Laos market. Believe in made in China with their own advantages, to win more market in Laos; Tech-long and Laos cooperation way, will also be in pan-asia railway express more walk more far.
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