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The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice

The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice

The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice
  • The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice
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The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice
RCGF series
Rated Capacity:
1 set
T/T, L/C, etc.
Delivery Time:
30 days
Port of Loading(Customized):
CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Introduction To The Filling Machine Of Glass Bottle Juice Beverage

The glass bottle juice beverage filling machine integrates washing, filling and capping. It is developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology according to the filling process requirements of tea, juice and other drinks. The filling temperature is generally about 82-85 ℃.

The glass bottle juice drink production line is mainly a full-automatic multi-functional combined unit integrating washing, filling and sealing. It is suit- able for the full-automatic production of washing, filling and sealing of various glass bottles juice drinks. The glass bottle juice beverage filling ma- chine has the advantages of unique design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and maintenance, continuous adjustable production capacity and so on. It is an advanced filling production equipment for non-gas liquid beverage in China at present.

Characteristics Of Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine


A. Juice Glass Bottle Washing Part


This machine is a rotary bottle washing machine, mainly used for washing new glass bottles of juice beverage, water and other products. The bottle is then sent to the filling machine for product filling.


PET bottle enters into the equipment from the bottle separation starwheel, the mouth of  the bottle is clamped by the clamp and the turnover mechanism, the bottle mouth is turned down, the sterile water is rinsed and drained, the bottle mouth is turned up auto- matically, and the PET bottle is delivered to the filling machine through the bottle out star- wheel. The main structure of the equipment, the contact part with the flushing medium   and the external protective cover are made of high-quality stainless  steel;  open  gear drive.


The new stainless steel clamp has the advantages of simple structure and convenient adjustment, less contact area with the bottle mouth, and effectively avoids the secondary pollution to the bottle mouth.


B. Glass Bottled Juice Filling Part


The filling part realizes the filling of materials into the washed bottles sent by the bottle washing machine. Opening valve is driven by cylinder. High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.


The filling machine is designed by our company. The filling valve has its own intellectual property rights. It uses the principle of pressure filling negative pressure reflux. The filling valve adopts the way of pressure filling negative pressure reflux, which is quick and sensitive for filling and high precision for filling liquid level.


There is no spring in the valve, the material does not contact with the spring, which is conducive to the cleaning of the valve. In order to ensure the filling process and the filling temperature, the material in the filling valve is in the micro reflux state when there is no bottle or the valve is shut down.


C. Aluminium Screw Lid/Twist-off Metal Lid Capping Part


The capping system applies advanced French technology, when clamp the cap will screw immediately and magnetic torque type capping head. The PLC and transducer are chosen from international famous brand, such as OMRON, MITSUBISHI and so on.


Aluminium screw capping:


The torque of the screw cap can be set as required. The unique design makes it compatible with many different shapes and sizes of bottle caps, with strong compatibility and easy adjustment.

The main pneumatic and electrical components use internationally renowned brands to ensure stable and reliable performance.


It is widely used for aluminium screw caps and three (four) twist-off caps for glass bottles of food, beverages, condiments, health care products, etc.

Detailed Description

ModelRated CapacityPowerDimensionsWeight
RCGF14-12-53000 to 4000 Bottle/hour6 kw2180*1560*2300mm3000 kg
RCGF18-18-65000 to 6000 Bottle/hour6 kw2350*1900*2300mm3500 kg
RCGF24-24-88000 to 10000 Bottle/hour7 kw2900*2000*2300mm5000 kg
RCGF32-32-1012000 to 15000 Bottle/hour9 kw3500*2850*2300mm7000 kg
RCGF40-40-1215000 to 18000 Bottle/hour13 kw4500*3750*2300mm10000 kg
RCGF50-50-1218000 to 22000 Bottle/hour16 kw5200*4000*2300mm12000 kg
RCGF60-60-1520000 to 25000 Bottle/hour19 kw5500*4500*2300mm15000 kg
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