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The filling machine is suitable for various types of products

by:Xinmao     2021-01-24
With the rapid development of economy, the manufacturer also started to pay attention to the quality of the products and packaging, began to pursue the beautiful packaging, at the same time also to the quality of the product requirement is improving. Filling machine for packaging machinery in a small class, in the packaging machinery plays an important role in the large-scale project. And also to the requirement of filling machine is improving. In recent years, the development of filling machine has begun to mature, to adapt to the scope has been expanded, not just stay in ordinary liquid and paste filling, have the professional and high viscosity product filling technology, and the filling precision is more high, can reach the required by the market at present. At present, for the typical is paint filler, as we all know, paint belong to the high viscosity, not easy filling of the product, but in order to better development of paint industry, filling technology was improved a lot. Guangzhou star machinery company is the production of this kind of paint filler can be used to paint, not only more suitable for the use of oil, butter, chemical industry and liquid filling the quantitative packaging of daily chemical industry, linear filling, electromechanical integration control, replacement of varieties is quite convenient, unique design, superior performance, modelling conforms to the concept of filling machinery. Furthermore, the semi-automatic products have been far behind, unable to meet the current market trend, the current is automatic filling machine, for example, automatic filling machine, liquid double automatic filling machine, etc. , is a representative work in the field of automatic filling machine. It is outstanding performance, adopting automatic automatic bottle filling, filling accuracy is high, according to the different specifications of bottle can be arbitrary adjustable filling quantity and the size of the bottle, can match the automatic assembly line, using drip tight with wire filling cocks, prevent high foam products filling lifting system, ensure the bottle mouth positioning positioning system and liquid level control system, widely used in Japan, such as the oil industry, can be on different high viscosity fluid filling. Automatic filling machine is compact and reasonable design, beautiful appearance is concise, the filling quantity convenient adjustment. Demand for beef paste, chili sauce, sauce on the rise, and thus lead to the development of the sauce filling machine. Sauce filling machine has its unique advantage, is in the good filling machine technology, on the basis of reform and innovation design of products, its structure is simple, high precision, operating more simple, is the ideal granular paste viscosity fluid filling equipment, and the machine design is reasonable, model small, vertical structure, save a space. Install valve controlled by pneumatic valve, filling accuracy is higher. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted.
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