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The fast development of beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2020-11-30
In recent years, the fast development of beverage production line, juice drinks, containing milk beverage, vegetable juice drinks, carbonated drinks, bottled water, tea drinks, such as enrich the variety, production growth, makes the demand for equipment market also is on the rise. Non-carbonated drinks the filler filling valve 50 ~ 100 head, filling speeds of up to 1500 cans per minute, filling machine speed manger 20 ~ 25 RPM, double speed. Can make tea drink, coffee drinks, soy milk and juice drinks and other beverages hot filling, overseas hot filling beverage sealing no longer secondary sterilization. Carbonated beverage filling under normal temperature has been brewing for over 20 years, room temperature can decrease the cost of beverage, carbonate is better for the environment. Non-carbonated beverages nitrogen charging system USES pressure mode or liquid nitrogen drip into the way to the aluminum cans or PET bottle perfusion liquid nitrogen of inert gas, can protect the contents, reduce the loss of nutrients. Current PET bottled teas usually adopt hot filling method, in order to reduce the pouring temperature, improve the flavor of tea beverage, health and safety, ensure product developed PET resin molding using 130 ℃ steam sterilization and special filling head filling a simple type of asepsis packing machine, also is developing of low acid such as iced coffee drinks two pieces of thin walled tank of aseptic packaging technology, in order to realize the thin-walled tank aseptic packaging. Pet bottle filling production line, the introduction of pet bottle beverage filling line, a total of 6 ~ 7, including box machine, unloading machine, bottle-washing machine, filling machine, cap unscrewing machine, bottle machine, packing machine, etc. Filling capacity is 250 ml bottle is 400 ~ 500 bottles/min, 1250 ml bottle of 50 ~ 280 bottles/min. The main equipment manufacturers have the meyer and Germany SEN corp. Small and medium-sized beverage filling line level is not high, the complete ability is poor, factory is more, there are mainly langfang zhangjiagang, jingjiang, Shanghai fengxian, Hu Qiao, haimen, shenyang, xinxiang, henan and Beijing and other places of filling equipment factory, most only provide washing bottle ( Wash tank) , filling, capping ( Can sealing) Equipment. Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing company will water treatment, refrigeration, saccharification, ingredients and the piping system manufacturer of group company, supply of complete sets of beverage filling equipment.
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