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The difference between with the cold aseptic cold filling

by:Xinmao     2021-02-14
The traditional hot filling can be divided into two kinds, one kind is high temperature hot filling, is a kind of medium temperature filling before the product up to 65 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ for pasteurization. Both don't need to make separate sterilization products, bottles and caps, just keep products at high temperature long enough to sterilization of the bottle and the lid. Aseptic cold filling must first be sterilization products, bottles, LIDS, respectively, and then a sterile environment under filling, until completely sealed before they can leave a sterile environment. From the process flow diagram by contrast, the biggest difference is that different time for heating the beverage. Heat treatment, the longer the greater the effect on beverage quality and taste. Aseptic cold filling using UHT instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization, to material heat treatment time is not more than 30 seconds, and under the condition of high temperature can ensure the sterilization effect, and thermal sterilization methods used by filling material for a long time in high temperature condition, the serious influence product taste, colour and lustre and heat-sensitive nutrients ( Such as vitamin) Content. In addition, from the production line configuration, when there is downtime filling machine, using part of the material of hot filling way would be to extend the time of heat, this will seriously affect the quality of the whole batch of products, and aseptic cold filling won't have this phenomenon occurs, the material is down to room temperature after instantaneous sterilization, aseptic tank will not affect its quality. By using the comparison of PET bottle. Can be seen from the above filling process, two kinds of filling way is different to the requirement of PET bottle. Hot PET bottle filling technique requirement to withstand 85 ℃ ~ 92 ℃ high temperature and constant, which requires the increase the crystallinity of PET materials, at the same time in the bottle blowing to limit the generation of induced stress. The use of PET bottle has the following features: bottle of wall thickness, there is a clear bottle wall frame to prevent thermal contraction, requirements such as crystal bottle, greatly limits the bottle type design degrees of freedom. Aseptic cold filling can use lightweight bottle ( The highest heat temperature 60 ℃) And the standard cover, which greatly reduce the cost of the bottle and the lid, also can free choice bottle type design. Aseptic cold filling technology features hot filling process, drinks stay a long time under high temperature, generally will be kill bacteria and microorganisms, and will add preservatives, such drinks security is quite high. Aseptic cold filling, then, is how to ensure the safety drinks? The most main is the establishment of a sterile environment and security. Compared with the hot filling and aseptic cold filling for material sterilization is the UHT instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization, shorter time for heating the material, very little loss of nutrients, the quality and taste is no obvious change. The latest aseptic cold filling process can cooperate with pasteurized in cold chain, so the loss of nutrients for material is lower, and under the condition of cold chain, guaranteeing the safety of the product can completely. Sterilization of packaging materials, aseptic cold filling is the most crucial step in the production process. Because the PET materials are heat resistant, can only use chemical reagent for sterilization, to ensure that the bottle and the lid to get effective sterilization, and can't keep the chemicals affect the material, aseptic filling adopted the following measures: first blowing bottle original colony count no more than 5 cuf/bottle; Transmission using aseptic air bottle, want to have the air conveyor belt; The bottle inside use disinfectant peracetic acid class ( PAA) Bactericidal effect of sterilization, can achieve very high ( Top 7 log) ; For the bottle external disinfectant sterilization; Disinfectants have automatic recycle and concentration measurement system, guarantee the stability of disinfectant concentration; With sterile water in the bottle of residual disinfectant is rinsed clean, sterile air blow dry, reoccupy guaranteed residual disinfectant will not affect the material; Cap generally use disinfectant soaking type sterilization, by controlling the soak time can be very good to ensure the sterilization effect. The main body of aseptic cold filling equipment requirements conform to the hygiene level design, mainly on the surface of the tube and valve technology, materials, shaving, important design of surface area, choose corrosion resistant material and so on, has the advantage with full automatic cleaning ( CIP) Systems, sterilization, SIP) Systems and equipment external foam cleaning system ( COP) . In addition, aseptic cold filling machine design has its own unique aseptic filling valve, all of these measures to ensure that equipment will not bring secondary pollution of material. Due to shrinkage PET bottle after cold filling won't, so there will be a part of the air between material and bottle caps, the oxygen will slow oxidation material during storage, resulting in beverage metamorphism.
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