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The development trend of the mineral water equipment industry

by:Xinmao     2021-01-19
In the domestic industry in the development of mineral water equipment, domestic production enterprises through the introduction of technology, digestion technology has obtained the certain achievement, some mineral water equipment used for food products on the market have achieved good results, at the same time in the product advantages and technical innovation design also has a certain manufacturing. Now mineral water filling production line adopts the reverse osmosis desalination technology is a kind of mature, can make use of the choice of ion exchange membrane permeability of Yin and Yang theory to carry on the work, in the selection of ion exchange membrane components under applied electric field, ions do directional migration, lead to the water and cationic move to the cathode, anion to the positive movement. At the same time when ion to choose permeability membrane surface, which can effectively for ion migration in the water side to thick and thick water from draining water side, and achieve the purpose of desalination desalination. So in the case of the above design, the domestic water treatment industry efforts to improve food production technology, improve product competitiveness, and bitter effort on product advantages and design innovation, finally successfully developed independently mature mineral water treatment technology, this technology not only to fill the domestic blank, can promote technology substantive progress in our country, also is expected to change the backward equipment industry technology in domestic, the occupation of a competitive advantage. Absorption of the current zui advanced water treatment technology, mainly through reverse osmosis membrane element design software and field operation experience. And use the ultrafiltration device can effectively remove the water heat source material. Its production equipment with uv sterilizer, can prevent bacteria affect water quality. The pipeline cleaning by the combined gas-liquid mixing of ozone sterilizer can be more thorough cleaning. Equipped with the original and middle water tank at the same time, in order to prevent affect equipment for tap water pressure instability. When imported low pressure reverse osmosis membrane can improve life, guarantee the stability of operation and low energy consumption. For reverse osmosis system automatic control mainly adopts imported components, and the system stability is high, and the operation is simple and convenient. Mineral water production equipment mainly USES the ultrafiltration membrane as the main part of in the treatment of the water quality has applicability is wide and processing water quality good characteristic, is now in the mineral water equipment processing applications are well. Equipment research and development, provided the impetus to the development of the water purification industry solves the difficulty in water treatment. Equipment accessories will change according to the raw water quality. The basic process for pretreatment & rarr; The original water tank & rarr; Flocculant device & rarr; Medium filter ( Can add scale inhibitor) → Level 1 reverse osmosis system & rarr; The secondary reverse osmosis system & rarr; Uv sterilizer & rarr; Water points after dealing with the above steps, the water quality fully meet drinking water standards prescribed by the state, to ensure the safety of people drinking water, is currently widely used way of water treatment water purification industry. 1, zui, mainly is the purpose of the various water mineral water, pure water preparation. 2, this equipment can also be applied to the urban, rural and township water supply treatment. 3, some food, bottled water production line of water treatment can also use the same equipment. 4, the device also can be used as the pretreatment system in the reverse osmosis system. 5, pharmaceutical water treatment also can use the device for processing. Mineral water production equipment was able to get such a broad range of applications, mainly depends on its good performance and adaptability, not only the treatment effect is good and the system runs stably, and thus got many user's consistent high praise.
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