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The development prospects of juice filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-05-09
In recent years, fruit juice beverage is developing very rapidly, almost every year at double speed increase. Despite the appearance is good, price is low, but some on the technical details and to be desired. Through the wide use of the user, think juice filling machine, besides the above basic functional requirements with all-round abilities and experience is very important. Filling valve stability. Choose stainless steel, should fully consider its different functions and working status, according to the category of the material, the differences of chemical composition, mechanical property and reasonable material selection, then through the necessary processing, CNC processing, guarantee the optimization of tolerance matching, qc checks, to meet the long-term high temperature condition, the performance of the filling valve lasting stability. Filling valve leakage problems. Key is the selection of filling sealing in the valve, guide piece, this type of material should be considered the influence of the thermal deformation at high temperature, design and production, its heat resistance, hardness, and fit size due and empirical data, the selection of appropriate combination of spring and sealing, this problem is solved. ( Note: juice filling machine technology is introduced: the material channel of scaling problems. Cylinder, cylinder and back filling path components, such as pipeline in stamping, welding and surface treatment, such as production, must have the advanced and mature technology measures and the special equipment necessary to ensure that can achieve the real health dead Angle, easy to CIP homework, make contact with the beverage part thoroughly clean, no scaling phenomenon; Screw the mildewed phenomenon. In the manufacture and debugging of equipment, warranty card of bottle conveying, twist the cap system stability, then through screw-top gush rushed it is difficult to occur before the mildew; In terms of empty bottle disinfection washing, juice filling machine adopts double channel, in turn, disinfection, washing, through the analogy and reasonable calculation and experiments, have enough flush and drain time, guarantee the flushing rate; When filling heat-resistant PET bottle, juice filling machine control system should be equipped with the corresponding program, not the bottle go round by static pressure; Cap disinfection sterilization, according to different situations, decide on ozone, ultraviolet radiation sterilization or disinfectant soaking type sterilization; In the user's use phase, CIP cleaning is also very important in production, through extensive use, choose commonly used mechanical cleaning, SIP the plus inverse washing combined cycle system, and make the cleaning fluid in the pipeline and containers on the interface of relative and turbulent state can obtain the good cleaning effect; Zui after is the management and technical support to equipment manufacturer, using the appropriate bottle, cover, high quality drinks play an important role. )
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