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The development of beverage machinery has how to spurt the code machine?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-05
The development of beverage machinery has how to spurt the code machine? First spurt the code machine can be different according to the principle of work, divided into two categories of products: on-demand jet type and continuous type 1, on-demand jet injection jet. the his English name is: Drop on Demand, referred to as 'DOD type, the spurt the code machine usually give priority to with big character spurt the code machine: the principle is: the nozzle is made up of multiple high speed precision valve. Spray in the word, the word corresponding to the valve rapid opening and closing, ink by internal pressure, the movement of the object surface characters or graphics. Spurt the code machine theory invented in the late 60 s, it was not until seventy s did not produce the world's first commercial printing machine. At that time only the United States, France, Britain, Japan, etc. A few countries can produce this kind of printing machine. Spurt the code machine, entering China in the early 90 s to today has come nearly 20 years of history, to spurt the code machine today from each priced at 20 - already 300000 yuan of high-end equipment, became each for only 3 - 80000, can be applied in all solid state products production and processing enterprises of common equipment, in food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electronics, building materials and other fields has been widely used. Printing in the whole process is a very small part, but its in enhances the enterprise the production efficiency, save labor costs, save product circulation time, tracking product quality plays a big role. In China, early printing products are mainly applied in aluminum cans of coke, coke, Pepsi and some high-end beer products, such products production speed is very fast, production is very big, this will require production line must also use the logo on the product, the factors determines the enterprise to use this way of printing demand continues to increase, to spurt the code machine suppliers on the Chinese market has accumulated the original customer resources. Continuous jet printing machine 2, English named: the Continue ink jet printer, referred to as 'CIJ type, usually referred to as the small character spurt the code machine, the principle is: the ink by gushing out from a single nozzle pressure, ink after crystal oscillation occurred fracture formation; Then through the ink dot after charging, high-pressure deflection on the surface of the object that movement scanned into words. Deflection into a word used vacuum continuous ink in recycling, recycling. Gear pump for the ink in ink on the way, the diaphragm pump for ink and air pressure type ink;
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