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The detailed introduction of automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine products

by:Xinmao     2021-03-04
Automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine features: designed for beer and beverage processing equipment, pure water filling machine, fruit juice beverage machinery, automatic production line for beverage packaging design for dairy products such as drinks. With conveyor feed, unscramble bottle, wrapping film, sealing and cutting, contraction, cooling finalize the design process, such as full automatic function. Adopts world advanced film constant temperature thermal bonding technology, the sealing is clear, strong. Sealing rapid cooling structure to ensure the high speed production conditions, the sealing strength is higher. PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance. Imported guide rod cylinder, to ensure accurate operation, durable. Inductive switch control film feeding system, reliable controls the length of film, reducing wear and tear. All delivery for frequency control of motor speed, stable conveying fluid. Unique thermal contraction channel, hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, shrinkage, and beautiful. Three layers of insulation, heat preservation performance is good, warming faster, save energy: enhanced cooling stereotypes, can make the packaging film quickly into a state of high strength, convenient storage and transportation. Packaging combination and bottle type to change the adjustment is convenient, which can realize multi-usage function.
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