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The correct way of using the carbonated beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-16
Carbonated beverage market development, fleeting, is to use the fastest speed to come into the market environment, to seize development opportunities and win the market. And now, for the use of carbonated beverage production line and wait to widely spread, it is for the development of filling machine industry a sunny day. And yet, in many production enterprises in the use process, will always encounter this or that kind of problem, even then will make the device to suspend production, caused the enterprise benefit severely damaged, also for filling machine itself a certain amount of damage, how can the right operation and use of carbonated beverage production line? For filling machine operation and use, actually very simple, as long as strictly according to the rules of operating the equipment can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, but also can effectively improve enterprise production efficiency, more can prolong the service life of filling machine very well. First of all, before using filling machine, check out of the first, the whole machine is in good condition, whether the electrical components, whether each line connection, no sundries in the hopper. So that you can avoid in the process of equipment operation will cause the damage to the equipment and the production of stagnation. Then, open the filling machine electricity check, filling machine power master switch, after power on, three phase four wire 380 v, and must be zero. Primary check reducer steering is correct, steering is based on the mark of the direction by mixer transmission chain, such as is not in conformity with the swap on the joint of the power line, please. Mixer switch to start the second, pushing the filling machine, check the transmission direction in line with the arrow, as shown in right to press the switch to start the job after the photoelectric sensor, after the normal process to is inside the material into the hopper, and start the blender. Due to the filling machine is based on volumetric metering way, beginning with a filling process, because should work with capacity of large container at first stage, to boot filling, by filling out the amount of how many users to adjust the filling quantity as needed. In the process of adjustment must be adjusted in accordance with the instructions, in order to avoid damage to equipment or for filling a waste product.
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