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The common malfunction analysis of pure water filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-01-13
Pure water filling machinery common failure analysis: first of all, on the pure water filling machine filling quantity are not allowed to be or not the cause of such failure: 1, speed, throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve is closed, the throttle valve can not close; 2, whether there is foreign body inside the fast loading the 3-way valve, if yes, please clean up, fast loading the 3-way valve and filling head whether there is air inside the hose, if there is air, as far as possible to reduce or eliminate the air; 3, all the sealing ring is damaged, if damaged, please replace the new; 4, filling nozzle valve core is there a card or delayed opening plug phenomenon, if there is any card, want to install the valve core to good position. Such as delay to open, need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle valve; 5, fast loading compression spring stretch up and down inside the 3-way valve, adjust the elasticity of spring, spring is too large will check valve can't open; 6, the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve, reduce the filling speed; 7, all card hoop, hose is sealed, check and correction; 8, magnetic switch is loose, please lock after each adjusted the quantity. Second, pure water filling machine material from the material after the cylinder end for the following reasons: 1, whether the material cylinder in the center of the cylinder bracket material, material cylinder if there are any changes please reinstall good location; 2, whether material cylinder piston and piston rod fastening, please lock of any loose; 3, material cylinder piston type O sealing ring is damaged, please replace the damage. Again, the pure water filling machine is expected to not return after the cylinder piston push to have the following reasons: the position of the flow of magnetic switch, press the abrupt stop switch, to adjust the flow of magnetic switch. Finally, the pure water filling machine cylinder does not work for a number of reasons: 1, whether insurance tube burn out, such as burn, please replace the new; 2, abrupt stop switch is pressed, the gyration urgent stop switch, it returned to in situ; 3 cylinder piston o-rings, if there are sticky, make live he dead, change type O sealing ring; 4 is stuck on the surface of the filling head filling valve core, the valve core to pack good location; 5, gas source and the power switch is on, switch on electricity and gas; 6, two magnetic switches are in good condition, if there are any damage, please replace the new; 7, gauge whether meet the requirements, and presence of air into the machine, please access to source and identify pressure reaches the requirements; 8, material cylinder piston is jammed, the piston to packed position; After 9, fixed the position of the magnetic switch, magnetic switch must be fixed on the back of the cylinder cylinder work position, unable to move.
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