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The characteristics of the OPP hot glue labeling machine is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-03-19
OPP hot glue labeling machine is suitable for filling juice, water, sparkling beverage filling and other light industry in the round, square and flat bottles of single and double sides of the same kind of circular labeling. Labeling machine can multi-usage, at the same time suitable for square, flat, round bottle, can use single, can satisfy the on-line use. OPP bottle mechanism with hot glue labeling machine working principle of separate products, product detected by the sensor, back to the signal to the control system, in the appropriate position control motor send labels and attached with a stay in product labeling position. Operation: put products ( Can take beverage filling production line) —> Product delivery, Device automatically) —> Product separation & ndash;> Product testing & ndash;> Labeling & ndash;> Collection has labeling products. Features mature intelligent control of the whole machine adopts PLC control system, make the machine running stable, high-speed universal form of dividing device, any of the diameter of the bottle shape without replacement parts, rapid positioning operation system adopts touch screen control, operation is simple, practical, high efficiency double side chain correction device to ensure material of neutral special elastic jacking equipment to ensure the stability of the material labeling speed, transmission speed, the bottle can realize stepless speed regulation, according to the need to adjust the OPP hot glue labeling machine is applicable to various sizes of round, oval, square and flat bottles labeling special marking device, attached label attached more solid before and after Duan Kexuan connection line, also have optional material-collecting turntable, facilitate product packaging of collecting, sorting and code system optional configuration ( Code printer) Can be online to print production date and batch number, reduce the bottle packaging process, improve production efficiency, advanced technology, Gas/electricity) Dynamic code printer system, clear printing, high speed and stable thermal printer with air supply: 5 kg/cm2 labeling quality adopts special devices attached to the standard, labeling level off, without creases, greatly improving the quality of packaging automatic photoelectric detection, have any labeling, no standard automatic correction or alarm automatic detection function, prevent leakage and waste
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