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The characteristics of the fruit juice beverage filling machine and the technological process

by:Xinmao     2021-05-06
Characteristics and technological process of fruit juice beverage filling machine equipment characteristics 1, man-machine interface, directly set filling quantity; 2, PLC program control, frequency converter speed control linear filling; 3, high precision displacement meter, quantitative and reliable; 4, add back into the vacuum double drip tight mechanical seals; 5, after the first fast slow filling double velocity; 6, equipped with touch screen, frequency control of motor speed conveyor belt type 8 meters, automatic induction capping machine, air defence drip. 7, the filler has a beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, easy operation, etc. Fruit juice beverage filling machine its process is commonly: boxes piled up with empty bottle on the tray, the conveyor belt to unload tray machine, remove the tray one by one, in the box with the conveyor belt to discharge machine, remove empty bottles from the box, empty the conveyor belt to the washing machine, the clean, and then transported to packing machine, so that the beverage containing bottles into one. Empty bottles, taken from the discharge machine, by another conveyor belt into the bottle washing machine disinfection and cleaning, the bottle inspection machine, after cleaning standards into the filling machine and sealing machine. Drink by filling machine into the bottle. Good drink bottles, affix a seal by capping machine, and to the labeling machine labeling, labeled later sent to the loading box packing machine, again to the pile of tray machine piled up on the tray into the warehouse.
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