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The characteristics of the current domestic beverage filling machine products

by:Xinmao     2021-01-21
Experts say, over the years, with the continuous development of our country economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the domestic beverage market development prospect remains bullish, the improvement of residents' income level, making it possible to drink sustained growth of production and consumption. In the beverage industry, beverage filling machine as an important part of, will play a more and more important role, along with the traditional carbonated drinks mainstream status is being challenged, more bottled water, tea drinks, juice drinks, functional beverages got the favour of consumer, this shift to a certain extent, also promote the development of the beverage filling machine industry, according to the forecast, in the next five years, China's domestic beverage market will shift from the existing fruit juice, tea and other products to low sugar or no sugar drinks, as well as containing milk, health drinks direction, product development, further promote the development of the packaging. The current domestic beverage filling machine products are mainly present a multi-function, high technology and the characteristics of the production line, a detailed analysis is as follows: 1, the product of many functional one device can be directly for tea drinks, coffee drinks, soybean milk beverage filling, such as the function of the beverage filling machine is more and more perfect, greatly reduced the production cost of enterprises, improve the working efficiency of the enterprise. 2, products of high technical the current domestic many beverage filling machine product range automatic control level and across the efficiency is very high, can automatically detect the various parameters, and constantly emerged a large number of high-tech product, integrating machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetism, and metering device matching complete on-line detection device. 3, complete sets of production lines at present domestic development of filling machine is another trend into rhetoric, as a beverage filling line, controlled by microcomputer, software, filling block matching combination, realistic productivity combined with a theory of science and technology. Producers can provide users with engineering design, installation, debugging, zui after user acceptance. Above is the small make up for some views on the development of domestic beverage filling machine, if you have any questions, consultation!
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