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The characteristics of disc type cap unscrewing machine is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-06-03
Xinmao beverage packaging machinery manufacturing disc type cap unscrewing machine is set into the bottle, cover, cover, screw cap, and out of the bottle. By catching cover positioning screw cap. In the process of the screw cap of the bottle no injury, no injury cover, screw cap with high efficiency. Parts of long service life, stable running, low noise, wide use range, screw cap rate is high. Surface polishing treatment, beautiful and easy; Production speed stepless adjustable frequency cnverter, equipped with production line, is the ideal choice for each big, medium-sized packaging workshop. While xinmao beverage packaging machinery research and development of disc type cap unscrewing machine is equipped with blocking bottle, bottle, affluent, overload protection, such as alarm device, reliable performance, process science, food hygiene conditions meet the national food hygiene standards, production automation degree is high, easy to operate is an ideal filling equipment of all kinds of bottled production line manufacturers preferred.
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