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The advantages of rotary filling machine is outlined

by:Xinmao     2021-01-14
Rotary filling machine widely used in juice, spices, cosmetics, washing supplies, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical products, petroleum products such as liquid filling. No matter on the structure, or on the performance of a higher level, it has accurate filling volume adjusting device, a mechanical and electrical overload automatic protection device. Advances confidently in the filling process keeps valve mouth filling with liquid level isometric can also according to the bottle of liquid and material category, designed to enter or leave the liquid filling valve mouth, effectively avoid the phenomenon of liquid double bubble, with GMP hygiene standards of equipment materials. Filling valve with constant pressure mechanism, filling speed, filling level precision is high. With double guide rod structure. Main drive adopts gear drive, high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, lubrication, reliable and can be automatic lubrication centralized lubrication, using sensors to control the main motor speed, the machine adopts stepless frequency conversion timing. The material the whole platform and frame is carbon steel, the outside is stainless steel. Filling machine by PLC automatic control, the online fault display, such as cap and cap shortage, etc. Rotary filling machine of key components and electrical components being imported products.
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