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The advantages of automatic membrane charter of beverage packaging machinery

by:Xinmao     2021-05-14
Beverage packaging machinery is one of the important products of xinmao machinery, automatic film machine is worth the personage inside course of study of choice. The following detailed said automatic membrane charter flight information: automatic film high-speed packaging machine is mainly for the sake of beverage products, such as: milk, fruit juice, water, coconut milk, etc. It is worth mentioning automatic film machine packing efficiency is very high, it can transport while packing, both to save time, and packing sealed. In the field of beverage packaging machine, whether it is what kind of models, there is updated version, also automatic membrane charter high-end models is very hot, by the consistent high praise. High-end models of automatic film machine is touch screen operation interface template, but contain more content than the general models are easier to understand, easier to use, interface is simple and easy to understand, even the parameter setting is also very convenient, more popular with the technical staff. Automatic film machine is not only worth choosing machinery, beverage packaging machinery is also a leader in the field of heat shrinkable film machine. Dimensions( mm) L5500× W2700× H2100Thermal收缩通道sizeThermal收缩通道sizeMax包装DimensionL600× W400× H350Packing Speed8 - 10包/ minuteHeight输送belt800 - 1200年mmseal& 减少时间/ temperatuieAbout 0。 5 - 1. 5 s 160℃Supply3ph 5芯380 v 19 kwair Pressure0. 6 - 0.8Mpa
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