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The advantage of large bottled water applications

by:Xinmao     2021-06-02

large bottled water production line power transmission using decelerate engine and aerodynamic control system. Reliable performance. Easy to handle. Washing bottles, filling, wheat straw and straw bottle seal in the whole process, to prevent the water in the secondary pollution in the process of filling, completely conform to the hygiene standards. The system consists of stainless steel and other parts made from non-toxic durable composite materials. Electric, air, using imported parts, low fault rate and high reliability. Large bottled water production line covers an area of small, save space. Because the pure water production line only one machine, compared with the PET production line, save a space, the overall efficiency is high, the storage effect is good. Use transparent bag and delicate bag printing, product content at a glance. Transportation is convenient, save transportation costs.
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