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The 25th Vietnam (2016 The association of southeast Asian nations) Food and beverage equipment exhibition

by:Xinmao     2021-03-21
The 25th Vietnam (2016 The association of southeast Asian nations) Food and beverage equipment exhibition show time: on October 17, 2016, & ndash; 20 exhibition location: Hanoi international conference and exhibition center exhibition of ICE cycle: an annual one organizer: Vietnam department of trade and industry, Vietnam plans to investment, science and technology department, the ministry of construction, Ministry of Transport Vietnam, Vietnam resources environment to undertake units: the trade promotion agency, international convention and exhibition center s Vietnam is introduced: the exhibition was founded in 1991, the exhibition every year, Vietnam, and even in the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), one of the large and influential exhibition, to the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) regional famous brand exhibition, important over the years to get the support of the people's government ministries, Hanoi, Vietnam. The annual exhibition with its good reputation and extensive publicity, attracted the attention of industry at home and abroad, has now become a Vietnam huge scale and professional exhibition at the national level. The last exhibition exhibition area of indoor 1. 50000 square meters, the outdoor area of 6500 square meters; More than 700 companies, 1000 international standard booths, foreign companies accounted for 45%; Vietnam accounted for 55%. Attendance up to 3. 20000 person/time, professional audience rate as high as 70%. From China, Thailand, South Korea, France, Britain, the Czech republic, Switzerland, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Macao, in over 20 countries and regions and enterprises to participate in the multilateral trade talks, clinch a deal amount more than $100 million at the scene. S market: Vietnam is located in the central south peninsula east, east and south facing the beibu gulf and the south China sea, north China and yunnan, guangxi, west neighbour to Laos and Cambodia. Land area of 33 square kilometers and a population of more than 9000. Nearly six years rapid economic development, development speed in the global top 10. As one of the asean member countries, Vietnam is the springboard and the quality of Chinese products to enter the asean market convenient channel. In recent 10 years, the bilateral trade volume has increased by more than 100 times. Vietnam exports account for about $150 billion in 2014; Responsible for imported in 2014 about $152 billion. In the trade volume in 2014 to $45. 3 billion, hit the 60 billion mark in 2015. China is the first largest trade partner of Vietnam, Vietnam's largest import market and the fourth largest export market. Since January 1 2010, China - asean free trade area built completely, China Asean free trade area is a 2. 2 billion consumers, $7 trillion, $6 trillion trade total GDP of the huge market, second only to North America, the European Union, the world's third largest free trade zone. China enjoy zero tariff products are exported to asean, for Chinese enterprises to expand the asean market brought infinite new business opportunities. At the same time, Vietnam is China's products to enter the asean market bridgehead and important and convenient channel. Nearly a decade, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises to Vietnam market as head of the asean market. The sino-indian bilateral trade volume will reach $65 billion of 2015, China is now Vietnam's largest trading partner. S show when food and beverage packaging machinery, packaging materials and products: packaging machine, sealing machine, sealing machine, packing machinery, wrapping package machinery, printing machines, labeling machines, vacuum packing machine, pillow packing machine, liquid packing machine, granule packing machine, automatic packaging machine, powder packaging machine, filling packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, strapping packing machine, packaging production line, etc. ; Film, aluminum foil, foam and plastic film, tape, glue, packing tape, all kinds of special packaging materials, can be fresh for the environmental protection tableware, pulp membrane plastic, packaging products, packaging design, etc. ; Mariana beer production technology and equipment, raw materials processing equipment, wort production equipments, fermentation equipment, filtration and separation equipment, process equipment, micro beer yeast expansion training equipment, other beer process equipment. Low beverage production technology and equipment: fruit and vegetable sorting and cleaning equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, fruit and vegetable juice extraction equipment, sterilization equipment for fruit and vegetable juice, carbonated drinks, mixing equipment, other drinks process equipment. Low dairy production technology and equipment, UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization machine, high pressure homogeneous equipment, static separation and fermented milk, ice cream production line, aseptic filling production line. Other alcohol production technology and equipment, raw materials processing equipment, distillation, and old equipment. Low detection and control technology and equipment, testing equipment and systems, control systems. Low matching technology and equipment, water treatment equipment, heating, refrigeration equipment, gas processing equipment, beer drinks sold to buy equipment, bottle blowing equipment, water treatment equipment, wind, cold, steam, electricity, gas processing equipment, beer, beverage selling equipment, CIP cleaning and disinfection of the system and other equipment, aseptic environment technology and equipment, tanks, mixing equipment, carbon dioxide, renewable resources recycling equipment, and environmental protection technology. Low fittings: reduction gear, gear, pump, valve, pipe fittings, electrical, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, all kinds of chain, mesh belt, plastic nylon products, and other accessories. Low packaging container: beer barrels, preservation, heat insulation barrels, beer bottles, beverage bottles, all kinds of labels, bottle caps, cork, plastic turnover box, revolving tray.
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