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Tetra introduced intelligent beverage processing sterilization system

by:Xinmao     2021-06-04
On September 7, 2009, lund, Sweden, the world's leading food processing and packaging solution provider tetra pak company officially launched a new generation & other; Tetra pak drinks ultra high temperature sterilizing system & throughout; ( 利乐千卡无菌饮料) 。 This is a cost-effective, high flexibility of the new equipment, suitable for processing a variety of beverage products. The adoption of advanced automation system, the solution has the first-class operating efficiency and environmental performance. Tetra pak group processing systems President Sam & middot; The stern moss, 山姆Stro merste n) Said: & other; We hope that by tetra pak drinks ultra high temperature sterilizing system, let the customer operations do & lsquo; Smooth easy & rsquo; 。 The system can according to the specific needs of customers customized, and each system will pass strict testing before shipment. At the same time, its automatic diagnosis function to ensure equipment operation is in good condition. ” In addition, the new generation of sterilization system also has other series of advanced automation function. For example, once the equipment in the production process parameters on deviation, system can automatically identify, allowing the operator to take action immediately, ensure the optimization of the operation. For each maintenance requirements, the system will automatically issued a notice, in order to avoid unexpected equipment downtime, costly. The solution is suitable for a variety of products, such as fruit juice and fruit drinks, non-carbonated drinks, tea drinks, functional water, also including the latest health drinks containing high value-added active ingredients. The sterilization system and also & other; Tetra plant management master & throughout; Control system ( 利乐植物大师) Compatible, thus more intelligent, for example, it is possible to realize the full traceability system, can monitor to the system record, product batch process control, as well as all the previous operations. To reduce human errors and ensure food security has very important significance. The system is equipped with new balance tank, heat exchanger, degassing system, water and energy consumption in the process of production can be greatly reduced, at the same time reduce the product loss. The adoption of double loop system, hot water energy recovery function is strengthened, thus reduce the overall energy consumption further. Brand new & other; Tetra pak drinks ultra high temperature sterilizing system & throughout; Is tetra Vertenso beverage processing solutions in a very good unit, also represents the tetra pak has the ability to use their expertise to develop and provide customized components and production line, to meet the demand of the beverage maker, helping them achieve good operating efficiency. In addition to & other; Tetra pak drinks ultra high temperature sterilizing system & throughout; , tetra Vertenso beverage processing solution also includes many other mature beverage processing technology, such as heat treatment, mixing, blending and many other process, in order to meet the beverage manufacturers in cost and quality control requirements. Sam & middot; The stern moss, 山姆Stro merste n) Say, & other; By tetra Vertenso beverage processing solution, tetra reinforced themselves in the strength of the beverage processing solutions. Tetra solutions not only can be tailored for each customer's products, can also according to their respective production condition was optimized, and the cost of water gas electricity and other public facilities, such as environmental legislation, market requirements. ” Reduce water consumption: degassing system adopts closed loop water cooling system, vacuum pump used in a closed water system, can reduce water consumption up to 80%. Reducing energy consumption: tube heat exchanger of double loop system, hot water to strengthen energy recovery function, and improve the efficiency of heat exchanger, finally can reduce energy consumption by 30%. Reduce product loss: due to the container and the valve design is reasonable, and is equipped with product recovery system, at the end of the production process, the product can be pressure in the return line back to the tank, so as to make the product loss decreased by 30%. Hybrid optimization of process control system, the instrument can detect the change of products, so as to further reduce the product loss. Reduce the impact on the environment: a substantial reduction in water consumption, power consumption, and the product loss, is to reduce impact on the environment.
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