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Tell me about the ultrafilter beverage machinery

by:Xinmao     2021-03-31
Although ultrafiltration technology in our country starts late, but development is very rapid, with the constant promotion of the technology and the constant improvement of the people know about it, beverage machinery manufacturing industry will get more benefits. Ultrafiltration membrane device on the industrial application has a flat shape, tubular, spiral plate and hollow fibrous etc. Several different forms. Most of the current domestic application for plate and tube, especially the hollow fiber membrane ( Hollow fiber membrane) Has been widely used in water treatment. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration technology is the most mature and advanced a kind of form. This kind of membrane is developed on the basis of flat membrane with a three-dimensional geometric shape of film, the unit volume of membrane equipment does not rely on a very thin semi-permeable membrane and has a great ability of membrane permeability. Hollow tube wall is full of pores, the relative molecular mass of the aperture to intercept material expression, intercept molecular weight can be up to several thousand to tens of thousands of. With hollow cylindrical configuration, can greatly increase the production capacity of unit volume membrane equipment. Raw water in the hollow fiber outer or inner cavity pressure flow, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure respectively. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process, trapped material can be ruled out, with the concentration from clogging the membrane surface, can run continuously for a long time. Can prove that, in the use of ultrafiltration, adopt a reasonable size of small diameter cylindrical hollow fiber membrane bundle, then what happens through the fluid volume will be equivalent to more than a dozen square meters of thin plate membrane using. Hollow fiber for thin film tube, wall as the membrane layer, layer combination Yu Haimian type of outside wall, outer wall has a coarse, lining of ultrafiltration separation effect. Lining, comte size determines the amount of were blocked material inside. Hollow fiber Canon 200 & mu; M, made from inert non-ionic polymer, has a unique anisotropic ( Skin) The structure, there are obviously high flow rate. Its features are: (1) per unit volume of the plant membrane has a very large area; (2) the membrane wall thin, liquid through faster; (3) because of hollow fiber geometry configuration has a certain compression performance, high strength.
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