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by:Xinmao     2021-04-01
At present China's food packaging machinery production at 30 billion RMB, and imported food packaging machinery of about $1 billion a year. The beverage, dairy and beer packaging machinery occupies a considerable proportion. Tea drinks, dairy products, beer is large-scale production and demand for packaging machinery and equipment is also the most vigorous industries. Since the 1980 s, our country every year to import a lot of drinks, dairy products and packaging machinery, since the introduction of the momentum is still unabated. Most of these machines are high speed automatic production lines, high reliability, high output, part of the equipment is the most advanced aircraft in the world today. The introduction of the production line, make the Chinese part of the packing of the beverage, dairy and beer enterprise level to synchronous development with the developed countries. At the same time, China's packaging machinery production also made great progress, part of the integration of filling and sealing equipment has reached a higher level, including plastic bottles, yogurt cup, aseptic packaging molding equipment and labeling machine, packaging production line level has improved, also can meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, some have been able to replace imported equipment, and exports increased year by year. At present, China's drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks before processing equipment of domestic products can basically meet the need, medium and low speed unscramble bottle, packing equipment also has a matching products to choose from, in terms of hot filling machine, the factory can solve equipment in hot filling environment control, such as sealing process requirement. Fizzy drinks, bottled water, juice or tea drinks, also whether PET bottles, metal cans or cartons, packaging production line of beverage enterprises basically is the introduction of equipment. Bottled water in China's beverage market share is the largest species. Packing PET water bottle, PET bottle, and carbonated beverage packaging requirements are relatively low, this is the domestic equipment comes in. However, large bottled water production enterprises is still based on the introduction of Japan or Italy one-step production equipment. Due to the bottled water in PET bottles of lower profits, bottle manufacturing equipment is given priority to with high speed line at present. Therefore, in the bottled water and carbonated beverage market will have strong competitiveness. Liquid milk is becoming China's most major dairy products, such as Beijing, Shanghai liquid milk consumption is 50% of the total consumption of milk. Current dairy companies in the former treatment basically is to choose domestic equipment, the price is not expensive, in packaging materials, filling, printing, such as a critical stage, mostly imported equipment. Sweden tetra, international paper such as foreign companies in the United States for the most part occupies the dairy equipment market, and a few small companies because they had no financial strength, so choose domestic equipment. In the next few years, beverage, dairy and beer industry in China are key to enter the integration period. During this period, the enterprise merger restructuring will be more frequent. Both in beverage, dairy and beer, giant enterprises will develop further, and occupy a larger share of the market. Corresponding to this, beverage packaging machinery to multifunctional and single high-speed two direction.
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