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Tea beverage pet packaging production line key technical requirements

by:Xinmao     2021-04-01
Beverage production line of hot filling technology has high efficiency, energy saving effect, because of the hot filling process all operations are completed on the assembly line, can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and manual operation, hot filling process can maximally save product flavor and nutritional ingredients, because hot filling beverage should be carried out jointly with the HTST or UHT sterilization, heating and cooling is very quickly, without seal after secondary sterilization, so it can reduce the heating time of products, reduce the thermal destruction of flavor and nutritional ingredients, there are no second sterilization, at the same time reduces the working procedure of bottle and jumped cover, the common acid drinks, beverage production line is very suitable for hot filling process, because the product itself has a certain acidity, can have the effect of bacteriostasis, the neutral drinks, such as tea drinks, vegetable juice, etc., the application of this technology will have high technical requirements, strong product quality control system and means of filling the strict environment even to achieve aseptic filling operation requirements.
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