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Talk about soda production line clean way

by:Xinmao     2021-03-31
Talk about soda production line way of clean production line include water treatment equipment, TangGuo, cans, syrup filter, non-gas beverage mixing machine, refrigeration system, carbon filters, automatic bottle blowing machine, automatically unscramble bottle, empty bottle air conveying system, non-gas beverage filling equipment such as pressure, automatic machine, solid conveying system, inspection equipment, dry machine, printing machine, bottle temperature machine, marking machine or labeling machine, PE membrane charter flights and carton packaging machine, robot palletizing machine, winding machine. In soda production line in use process, to ensure the stability of the equipment use and health, users need to soda production lines to make the necessary cleaning, including: when using soda production line to pay attention to the sterilization, ensure clean, low temperature filling. To ensure that the mechanical stability of sterilization methods, must control the sterilization time and temperature, ensure zui end effect, to avoid the sterilization time is too long or temperature is too high, reduce drink oxidation, as soon as possible after the sterilization to cooling temperature is not more than 35 ℃. Low temperature filling is to drink filling zui low requirement, normally drink product in low temperature environment is not easy to bubble, is advantageous to the filling. In soda production line before each work, to use 0 ~ 1 ℃ water tank and pipeline of soda production line temperature is reduced, when filling temperature of 4 ℃ should be after lowering the temperature in the filling operation. Using heat preservation tank, constant temperature filling, filling materials in the provisions of the time to keep a constant temperature, lest cause soda production line working instability due to temperature change is too large. Ensure clean methods mainly include: keep soda production line pipe clean, all piping and indirect or direct contact with the pipe material, in particular, should keep clean, once a week to scrub, water every day, every time sterilization; Ensure that soda production line is clean, the material groove to scrub and sterilization, ensure that all parts in contact with materials not fouling and mixed bacteria. In addition, filling equipment and other equipment isolation, soda and lubrication of the production line with filling material part should prevent cross contamination, conveyor lubrication with special soap and water or oil. Soda production line containers must be kept clean, the use of filling container must go through strict inspection and cleaning, cannot make beverage bottling contaminated; Keep filling workshop clean and tidy after zui is also very necessary. Above is the small make up to introduce the soda production line clean attention points in the course of using, if you want to know more information about soft drink production line, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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