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Summer can't binge drink cold drink, easy to cause stomach upset

by:Xinmao     2021-04-21
Summer season was supposed to be fewer asthma attacks, but, according to data from the hospital pediatric asthma attack recently small patients increased more than twenty percent than usual. Among them, a lot of asthma relapse patients were related to air conditioning, cold drinks. Says xiao-ping tang, director of the pediatric air-conditioning is widely used nowadays, the body feel less and less distinct four seasons, and asthma patients often in and out of the outdoor environment of high temperature and indoor air conditioning environment, or greedy Popsicle, ice water beverages would result in the irritation of the respiratory tract of asthma in the summer of increase. In addition, many hospital digestive department recently, gastrointestinal is crowded, examination of gastrointestinal disease in the majority with young people. Experts told reporters that the young man used to blow air conditioning all night, eating ice cream, drink iced drinks, directly from the refrigerator out of watermelon, cold down, easy to cause the stomach & other; Throughout the strings &; , open air conditioning all night, a little do not pay attention to the abdomen catch a cold easily, also may induce intestinal irritation, bowel movements cause diarrhea. Zhangjiagang chase machinery main beverage machinery, friendship remind you, although the hot summer, summer but when you eat cold drink or pay attention to, can't eat too much at a time, causing discomfort.
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