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Spurt the code machine for use in food packaging

by:Xinmao     2021-06-03
As identification to the attention of the major businesses, spurt the code machine industry has also been an unprecedented development. Spurt the code machine widely used in paper box, cosmetics, electronics, food and other industries, but what exactly is the purpose of spurt the code machine in the food industry, a lot of friends or a little knowledge. Then to spurt the code machine in detail what are the main function in the food industry? As is known to all, spurt the code machine can spray print qr code, logos, graphics, anti-counterfeiting code, bar code, number, text, etc. , and bar code contained in the food packaging production, transportation, processing and distribution of information. Use spurt the code machine spray print bar code can help manufacturer track food quality, after the event information, effective regulation and do food sales is convenient. Additional food for printing logo on the one hand can play the role of security, the phenomenon of avoid string of goods, on the other hand to improve the effect of brand image cannot be estimated, further attract consumers' purchasing power and the desire to buy.
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