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Special three-in-one rinsing, filling and capping blueberry juice filling machine

Special three-in-one rinsing, filling and capping blueberry juice filling machine


Recently, blueberry juice filling machine has be shipped to Africa. This juice filling machine can reach about 2000 bottles per hour, it has 8 washing heads, 8 filling heads and 4 capping heads. It is used to glass bottle with metal screw cap.

This 3in1 filling machine adopts atmospheric filling, although the filling temperature is room temperature, the filling machine can used whether it is a high temperature environment such as tropical countries, or low temperature countries such as Russia, the machine can work stably.

Rinse part,

The bottle clamp will clamp the bottleneck, and then turn over to make the bottle stand upside down. Then the water will flush out from the nozzle to clean the inside of the bottle. After cleaning, the bottle will be turned over again. The bottle clamp will not touch the bottle mouth to avoid contamination. When the bottle clamp loosens the bottle, the bottle will follow the track into the filling part.

Filling part,

When the bottle reaches the filling position, the bottle holder will hold the glass bottle so that the mouth of the glass bottle contacts the filling head. At the same time, the bottle will start to be filled. Unless the precise level is reached, the filling will not end. At that time, the bottle holder was also lowered, and the bottle was fed into the track again.

Capping part,

First, workers will take out the sterilized bottle caps from the bottle cap sterilizer and put them into the capping elevator. The capping elevator will transport the caps to the top of the beverage filling machine, and then slide down through the cap rails and enter the ready state. In fact, this step is to arrange the bottle caps to prepare for the quick tightening of the bottle cap later. When it is detected that the bottle reaches the contact part of the bottle cap, the bottle cap will be automatically placed on top of the bottle, and then the capping head will tighten it immediately. , It is neither a loose state nor a tight state. It will only be in the right state according to the customer's requirements.

The next picture is the entire internal diagram.

Operation cabinet,

Electrical components and important accessories are all internationally renowned brands, such as Mitsubishi from Japan, Schneider from France, Siemens from Germany, and Panasonic from Japan.

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