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by:Xinmao     2020-11-23
A, beverage equipment used in the vacuum takes off angry machine should pay attention to some of the instructions: 1, when used to keep the sealing parts is good, can not have leakage phenomenon. 2, before each use should open the lid or sodium hydroxide solution with hot water to wash in. 3, often should check the diaphragm pressure gauges, maintain its accurate. Second, step-by-step instructions when using, as long as open the vacuum pump of form a complete set, Pumps according to the operation instruction of use) , smoke in the air, and at the same time within the materials will be fed from the inlet self-priming device, when the material to a certain position, control valve automatic control of material, at this time can observe and control the feeding speed from sight hole, when the degree of vacuum in condenser meet the process requirements, can be exported from material extraction material, as long as you maintain the balance of the vacuum degree and front-rear, can continue to produce. Power generation equipment structure of the water supply system in order to prevent corrosion, and thus eliminate water mixture of non-condensable gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc and can heat the water and open heat exchangers together to maintain the pump suction head.
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