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Soda production lines caused by lack of maintenance

by:Xinmao     2021-04-12
Xinmao mainly in the production of various types of soda production line, the company's products is complete, type diversity, you can according to their own actual situation to choose and purchase! Soda production line is very common in a filling industry equipment, mainly by the water treatment system, mixing system, cooling system, mixing system bottle, bottle blowing system, motivation system, air duct into the bottle, bottle filling, out of the bottle conveying system, temperature system, packaging systems, and other parts of the stacker crane equipment, applicable to the production of gas drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, etc, has the advantages such as high efficiency, simple operation. In the process of actual use, want to ensure the steady operation of soda production line, daily maintenance is indispensable, if the lack of necessary maintenance work, the device will appear all sorts of problems, in general, soda production line daily maintenance work including the tighten, anti-corrosion and lubrication, cleaning, routine maintenance, in addition, engine, clutch, transmission and transmission components such as check the adjustment and zero wear and failure detection device is extremely important. In addition, at the time of season alternation, also need to change garments according to the maintenance of soda production line, including the power system, transmission, air compressor, and control the main system of fault detection and maintenance work. Soda production line maintenance of good or bad will directly affect the later use is normal, if lack of this work, will cause: 1, shorten the service life of equipment: correct operation and daily maintenance work can enhance the effective service life of the equipment, the user can through the use of time to make sure the stability of the equipment, including: every run according to processing power, open the power switch, indicator, set the thermostat to the predetermined temperature such as the right steps. 2, equipment, thermometer display failure: the thermometer display failure is the main reason of the fault soda production line of the thermometer is bad, if so please promptly replace or repair the thermometer; Besides mechanical reasons is uneven heat sealing pressure, as long as adjust the spring pressure of heat sealing knife, make its pressure; Another reason is the heat sealing composite material itself quality is bad, coefficient of heat sealing changes, caused by the temperature of the inconsistencies. 3, equipment sealing not firm: sealing not firm is the causes of failure of cold pressing roller pressure is not appropriate, heat sealing speed too fast, heat sealing temperature is insufficient, heat sealing film quality has a problem, in this case can be appropriately raise heat sealing temperature, reduce the heat sealing speed again, at the same time increase the pressure of cold pressing roller. Above is small make up on routine maintenance in soda production line use, if you want to know more information about soft drink production line, welcome everybody to continue to pay attention to our company to understand!
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