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Soda production line will make entities foreign drinks into the market

by:Xinmao     2021-04-14
Soda production line there will make foreign drinks into the market recently, a Beijing hotel, in its in-store sales of a particular brand of soda found an insect body, according to the preliminary examination, bottle caps, in sealed condition, after shaking liquid has a small amount of bubbles, production date showed that the bottle of soda in the bottle cap was on August 13, 2017. , of course, the actual test has not been confirmed, we shall not do any comments, let's analysis in the process of soda production line if it is possible to let foreign body into the bottle, and flows into the market. First look at the working principle of soda production line: soda production line for the production of bottled drinks containing carbon dioxide gas, such as the Coca-Cola, Sprite, fanta on market and other beverage products. Soda production line is mainly composed of the water treatment system, mixing system, bottle filling system, the temperature system, packaging system, test system, etc. Process of soda product: water after water treatment equipment, into a sterile water stored in tanks, part of the connection allocation system, used for syrup mix, mix, another part of the connection carbonated beverage filling machine, bottle for cleaning. Soda production line, the deployment of hybrid system mainly includes TangGuo, mixing tank, syrup filtration equipment, beverage mixing machine, carbon dioxide, purifier, cooling equipment. After cooling material and carbon dioxide gas mixed in the carbonated beverage mixer, zui eventually pump isobaric filling into the filling machine. Beverage filling machine is an important part of the soda production line, one of the bottle by a duct into carbonated beverage filling machine, after washing, isobaric filling and capping become semi-finished products, by a conveyor belt into soda production line processing equipment, in turn, is light inspection equipment, the human eye to detect whether there is a bottle of impurities, and then into the bottle machine, on products is conducted by heating to room temperature, otherwise will influence the soda subsequent packaging production line. Out of the bottle temperature machine with transport into the dry machine, then blow dry bottle, easy to set. Zui after spraying in turn on date, label, packaging. After watching the principle of soda production line and the working process, it is easy to find, a soda with worms to flow into the market from production line need to break through at least a few levels: filtration system, inspection system, the human eye detection system. In mechanical development in modern times, through such a worm want protection, comparable.
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