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Soda production line can satisfy the demands of the vast majority of industry for water purity

by:Xinmao     2021-04-13
Soda production line can satisfy the demands of the vast majority of industry for water purity soda production line is refers to the beer, soft drinks, mineral water or soft or low alcohol, sparkling wines on the market can also be included. Gas beverage filling technology and the difference between milk, juice, is is that they all contain a certain number of fermentation generated or artificial adding CO2. The existence of CO2 to trouble filling, and has therefore become a kind of technology. Soda production line mainly includes: bottle blowing system, water treatment system, beverage services system, soda, mixer, cooling and cooling water system and carbon dioxide cylinders, pneumatic valve, tap, filling pipeline warming system, and the packaging system. High hardness of water, untreated cannot serve as soft drinks and cooling water, otherwise it will produce a large number of scale, at the same time can lead to product taste is bad, so softening process must be conducted before using soda production line, is to reduce the hardness of water source. The reverse osmosis filtration can handle more than 90% soluble salts and 99% glues, microbe, small profit and organic matter, desalination rate is 98% ~ 99%, the desalination rate can meet most of the industry of water purity requirements. Source water after & other; Quartz sand filter & throughout; 、“ Activated carbon filter & throughout; 、“ Sodium filter & throughout; 、“ Precision filter & throughout; 、“ RO reverse osmosis filter & throughout; After a series of processing, the vast majority of microorganisms has been removed, but there are still some microorganisms in the water, in order to ensure product quality and health, sterilization, the water to conventional gas beverage is special use ultraviolet disinfection. Soda production line to PET as raw material to use the bottle of water usually by external procurement, special use in the fledgling manufacturer, considering the primary investment projects to reduce the overall cost, or production is not big, can consider to semi-automatic bottle blowing system, by adding one or several of the employees, so that decrease the cost of equipment type selection. Soda production line using artificial into the oven, bottle embryo softening, into the process of bottle blowing mould, used in production of low production, high yield of production line you need to change into a fully automatic bottle blowing machine, high production efficiency, but also reduce labor.
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