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Soda process

by:Xinmao     2021-01-17
Carbonated beverage production line equipment technological process of the original water tank & rarr; Raw water booster pump & rarr; Many medium filter & rarr; Activated carbon filter & rarr; Yang resin softener & rarr; Precision filter & rarr; Level of RO reverse osmosis pure water system & rarr; The secondary RO reverse osmosis pure water system & rarr; Water mixer & rarr; Ozone sterilization machine & rarr; Stainless steel water tank & rarr; Automatic filling line for carbonated beverage production line equipment principle of reverse osmosis technology is to use a certain amount of pressure to make water treatment material through the reverse osmosis membrane separation in the solution, and the penetration of general principle, on the other hand, so we will also be a reverse osmosis. Pure water equipment with bilateral design of reverse osmosis membrane, according to the water quality of different water treatment adjust the size of film hole, which is greater than the film hole diameter magazines and ion cannot be passed. Can according to the osmotic pressure of different materials through film hole to achieve the separation process. Reverse osmosis technology for water quality treatment very thorough, processing is completed the water quality of almost does not contain any substance. Carbonated beverage production line equipment performance front 5 & mu; Micro filter, protect the high pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane from the damage of grain or other hard objects. Low voltage switch protection high-pressure pump will not damaged by water stop. Rate, low noise, high pressure pump, reduce running noise, reduce power consumption. High desalination rate, low operation pressure volume type composite membrane improves the water quality and reduce production operation cost, and long service life. Water production, a strong water each meter to monitor and adjust running water yield and recovery system. To produce water conductivity table continuous monitoring water quality. Feed water and drainage pressure gauge, continuous monitoring of reverse osmosis membrane pressure difference, prompt when you need to clean. Automatic water supply valve to avoid outages continue to flow into the water. A quick rinse valve timing flushing the membrane surface, reduce pollution.
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