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Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine

Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine

Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine
  • Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine
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Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine
1 set
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40 days
Port of Loading(Customized):
1000 - 20000 BPH

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Brief Introduction Of Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine

The bottle is transmitted by the air supply channel, and then transmitted to the bottle washing machine of the three in one machine through the  bottle pulling star wheel. A bottle clamp is installed on the rotary table of the bottle washing machine. The bottle clamp turns 180 ° along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In the specific area of the bottle washing machine, the bottle washing water is ejected from the nozzle of the bottle washing clamp to wash the inner wall of the bottle. After washing and draining the bottle, turn it 180 ° along the guide rail under the bottle clamp to make the bottle mouth upward. The washed bottle is led out by the bottle washing machine and transferred to the filling machine through the bottle pulling star wheel.

The bottle entering the filling machine of the small bottle automatic drinking water filling machine is stuck by the bottleneck supporting plate and   rises under the action of the cam, then the filling valve is opened by the bottle mouth. Gravity filling is adopted. After the filling valve is opened, the material is filled through the filling valve. After the filling, the bottle mouth drops away from the filling valve, and the bottle enters the capping ma- chine through the bottleneck transition wheel. The stop rotating knife on the capping machine blocks the bottleneck, keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. The capping head keeps revolution and rotation on the capping machine. Under the action of cam, it can grasp, cover, screw and take off the cover, and complete the whole capping process. The finished product bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle deliv- ery chain through the bottle delivery wheel, and the small bottle automatic drinking water filling machine is transferred from the delivery chain.

Details Of Automatic Drinking Water Filling Equipment For Small Bottles


Bottle Washing Part of Drinking Water Filling Equipment

The bottle washing machine of drinking water filling equipment is a rotary bottle washing machine, which is mainly used for washing new bottles of beverage, water and other products. The bottle is then sent to the filling machine for product filling.


PET bottle enters into the equipment from the bottle separation starwheel, the mouth of the bottle is clamped by the clamp and the turnover mechanism, the bottle mouth is turned down, the sterile water is rinsed and drained, the bottle mouth is turned up auto- matically, and the PET bottle is delivered to the filling machine through the bottle out star- wheel. The main structure of the equipment, the contact part with the flushing medium and the external protective cover are made of high-quality stainless steel; open gear drive.


The new stainless steel clamp has the advantages of simple structure and convenient adjustment, less contact area with the bottle mouth, and effectively avoids the secondary pollution to the bottle mouth.


Filling Part of Drinking Water Filling Equipment

The filling part of the drinking water filling equipment realizes the filling of materials into the washed bottles sent by the bottle washing machine.


The filling valve adopts the way of pressure filling negative pressure reflux, which is quick and sensitive for filling and high precision for filling liquid level. There is no spring in the valve, the material does not contact with the spring, which is conducive to the cleaning of the valve. In order to ensure the filling process and the filling temperature, the material in the filling valve is in the micro reflux state when there is no bottle or the valve is shut down.


The main drive adopts gear drive, namely open type combination drive, which has high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and sufficient lubrication. The frequency converter is used to control the speed of the main motor of the machine, and the drinking water filling machine adopts stepless frequency control.


Sealing Part of Drinking Water Filling Equipment

In the capping part, the lids arranged by the capping machine are screwed onto the bot- tles of the filled products and sent to the next process by the conveying chain.


The cover screwing machine drives the rotary disk to rotate through the reducer. Make the cover leave the hopper from the cover outlet under the action of centrifugal force. There is a forward and reverse cover separation device at the outlet. When the reverse cover passes through, the cover will automatically fall into the return pipe, and the reverse cover will be blown into the hopper automatically by the wind. Only the positive cover can enter the slide smoothly. The cover quantity in the hopper is automatically de- tected by the photoelectric switch to control the cover conveyor, so as to ensure the ideal effect of the lower cover. When the front cover enters into the slide way, it can enter into the feeding cover plate smoothly. To prevent accidents, a dial plate with anti reverse  cover is configured on the slide way to ensure the cover entering into the feeding cover plate is correct.


A pair of photoelectric switches are also configured on the slide way. When no cover is detected, the main engine will be stopped immediately. In order to effectively remove the broken cover without anti-theft ring and the remaining cover when cleaning the hopper, there is a movable outlet directly opposite the hopper outlet to meet this function.

Main Features Of Small Bottle Automatic Drinking Water Filling Machine

1. The small bottle automatic drinking water filling machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation;

2. The change of bottle shape can be realized only by replacing the star wheel of the rotating cover part and the arc guide plate;

3. Parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, free of dead angle and easy to clean;

4. High speed filling valve is adopted, the liquid level is accurate without liquid loss, so as to ensure the filling process requirements;

5. The sealing head adopts magnetic constant torque device to ensure the quality of the sealing head without damaging the bottle cap;

6. The small bottle automatic drinking water filling equipment adopts an efficient Liding system with perfect automatic control and protection devices;

7. Equipped with perfect overload protection device, it can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators.

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