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Small beer fruit juice beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2021-02-25
The principle of beer filling machine: beer filling technology already quite mature. Basically can be divided into seven parts. One bottle, fruit juice beverage production line: the series equipment which combines washing, filling, sealing, suitable for all kinds of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling production, at the same time to replace a few parts, can be used for pure water, mineral water filling. Production of 3000 - 36000 bottles/hour, for users to choose. Advanced micro gravity type negative pressure filling principle, filling fast, steady, accurate, and is equipped with perfect material flow system, also can realize independent gas back, back not in contact with the material, reduce the secondary pollution of materials and oxidation. This function satisfy the requirements under 95 ℃ hot filling, filling valve and materials in and out of the line without health dead Angle, at the same time equipped with CIP cleaning interface, block is equipped with the bottle before RO water washing device, to ensure that the bottle no moldy phenomenon. Catch is realized by using magnetic torque type screw LIDS, cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover. Beer filling machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface control, PLC computer program control and inverter control, advanced technology. Is used for filling cap system automatic control, automatic temperature testing, material high temperature alarm, automatic stop at low temperature and reflux, no bottle no stamp, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cover downtime, etc. Second, the small fruit juice beverage production line, small fruit juice beverage machinery is mainly used for beverage filling operations. The machine combines washing, filling and twist cover three function in a body, the whole process of automation, suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling gas beverage, applicable bottle type adjustment of each part adopts rotates, easy, convenient and quick. Filling way adopted a new type of normal pressure filling, the filling speed is faster and more stable, so with the output of the machine is higher than the specifications of the machine, benefit is bigger. The machine adopts advanced mitsubishi programmable controller to control the machine to run automatically, bottle feeding chain using the wind to send, made in conjunction with the host inverter into the bottle is more stable and reliable running. The circulation of the photoelectric detection components, so a high degree of automation, easy operation. On this basis, the sealing way can matching aluminum metal cap and plastic cap. Is the first choice of beverage manufacturers ideal fruit juice production line, Clarified juice) Water treatment equipment (1) quartz sand filter (2) activated carbon filter (3) sodium filter (4) the precision filter (5) level of reverse osmosis and water storage tank. Fruit juice production line, Clarified juice) Ingredients and sterilization equipment (1) ZhengQiHua TangGuo ( Electric heating melt TangGuo inefficient) (2) ingredients can: in order to join to clarify the original fruit juice and other additives, configuration into the final product. (3) double filter: filter ingredients embraced by impurities (4) in the process of vacuum takes off angry machine, juice to prevent oxidation, filling the bubbling, ensure the quality of fruit juice drinks. (5) ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine, sterilization time within a few seconds, the greatest degree of maintaining fruit juice beverage flavor and nutrition. 6: cold and hot cylinder in the process of preheating, prevent hot filling beverage did not reach a temperature of 85 ℃ or so ( Hot filling temperature) And the backflow. Fruit juice production line, Clarified juice) Beverage filling and packaging equipment (1) (2) on the bottle of bottle blowing machine platform ( Large amount of available automatic unscramble bottle machine) (3) beverage filling machine, Including cover machine, Richard GaiQi, bottle disinfection cabinet, large output available on-line cap alexipharmic ark) (4) light inspection equipment (5) dry machine, then blow dry bottle, facilitate the back of the set of standard 6 sets of standard machine ( According to the bottle type, also can use labeling machine) 6 spurt the code machine: registration date of production automatic membrane charter: fruit juice drinks the final assembly packaging. The company not only provide juice production line equipment, also provides a complete set of carbonated beverage production line, pure water production line, bottled water production line, cans production line, and so on. Xinmao is the top domestic filling machinery, beverage production line manufacturers.
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