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Small barrel pure water plant equipment are needed, how much is it

by:Xinmao     2021-02-24
Definition of small bottled pure water equipment generally is 100 per hour The output of 300 barrels for standard. Small bottled purified water device contains water treatment equipment, filling equipment, packaging equipment. Raw water to pure water process requires a set of water treatment equipment, price and configuration are based on raw water, raw water quality report. Can produce pure water or mineral water or mountain spring water, according to raw water quality. Because the output is small, so the price also is not very expensive. Pure water treatment equipment prices generally more expensive than the price of the mineral water water treatment equipment a lot, because you need to use the RO reverse osmosis pure water processing equipment equipment, RO membrane chosen generally are imported, filtered water ability is very strong, general demand for water is not very high, even if the water quality is very poor, RO reverse osmosis equipment can also be easily calm. The ultrafiltration device and general water quality is better, with poor water ultrafiltration won't what role, if so your RO reverse osmosis equipment is also reasonable. Generally small, pure water prices in 40000 - water treatment equipment Around 120000, of course, I mean the single stage reverse osmosis devices, two-stage reverse osmosis equipment price is higher, mountain spring, mineral water, water treatment equipment is about a third cheaper than it. Small bottled water filling equipment including drum machine, pull burst barrel filling and capping machine heat shrinkable film machine, etc. Pail bagging equipment can be selected. Blunt barrel filling capping all-in-one related to production, the price of 100 barrels of equipment is controlled in 15000 yuan, about 240 barrels of equipment is controlled in 30000 yuan, 300 barrels of equipment in about 45000 yuan. In this way, the price of a set of small bottled water equipment can work out.
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